Friday, June 28, 2013


After I met with the Stake President, I text my Bishop. This is our conversation:
Me: You better tell me when my call is assigned. K? (:
Bishop Shaffer: On one condition you tell me the same day you get the call, deal?
Me: Got it.
Me: I'm waiting for a text from you telling me that my call is assigned today...because I really can't wait! Haha. (:
Bishop: It is ready for processing now, I will look later. I promise I will let you know.
Me: Ok. (: Sorry I'm so annoying...I'm just really happy
Bishop: Not annoying just normal.
I didn't get anther text from him Thursday telling me that my call was assigned. I wanted to so badly text him and ask him, but he promised he would tell me. I got the strength to not text him and to just be patient. (: 
Friday morning 8:30....
Bishop: Melanie, your call was assigned today!!! Probably get a letter wed or maybe thurs

Oh, my goodness! I am so happy. That was seriously the best text to wake up to. I'm so glad that this process is going really fast. I think God decided to give this impatient person some slack for once. (: I can't wait to get my call! 

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